Our dedicated nursery staff are highly qualified, friendly and caring professionals who share our passion for excellence and respect in childcare, making a real difference to every child who attends our nursery. A number of our staff are trained in specialist areas such as behavior and Special Educational needs who are on hand to offer you support, advice and guidance.

Our staff are selected not only for their qualifications and experience but also for their personality and attributes. We like to offer our children a stimulating and purposeful environment; being cared for by special individuals who totally support our ethos.

The Safeguarding and welfare of your child  is of major importance to us.  We ensure that:

• All our staff have been cleared by the Disclosure and Barring Service (which replaces the Criminal Records Bureau).  They have also passed our own, extra security, Vetting and Barring Scheme, and we thoroughly investigate their personal and employment references.

• All staff are qualified in early years childcare and/or early years education, and they receive continuing professional development.

• We have a Head of Unit for each age group – the under 2’s and those aged 2-5.  Two staff members are present with each group at all times, at least one being NVQ trained.

In addition to people’s qualifications and experience, we only select staff with the right personality and attributes for working at Shepperton Organic Day Nursery – people who support our organic life principles, our learning policies, and who contribute to providing an exciting environment for the children to flourish in.

In order to maintain a high level of quality and childcare standards,  performance is continually monitored and all staff have the opportunity to participate in continual professional development and training throughout the year. Regular team meetings and in-house training further promote a feeling of team spirit and encourage staff to feel proud of the important role they play in your child’s development.