About the Nursery

Shepperton Organic Day Nursery are proud to be the first children’s nursery in the UK to be certified as fully organic. We were registered by the Soil Association in April 2004 and continue to build upon this achievement winning local and national awards for being environmentally-friendly, and for nursery nutrition.

It is a state-of-the art facility with anti-allergy flooring in childrens rooms, stimulating light and spaces, and an amazing range of community playthings toys, equipment and learning aids. The nursery offers interchangeable spaces with carefully planned free- flow areas affording children freedom of movement, space, and social interaction.

Shepperton has a special part-covered garden which is secure and entirely child-friendly. It allows freeflow integration between the rooms and outside play in all weathers. All children including babies benefit from regular outside activities. We go for walks to feed the ducks, visit local parks where children have the use of a playground, play equipment and large open areas, and other places of interest to support learning and development.

Learning takes many forms at Shepperton Organic Day Nursery – child led activities and indivdualised learning, care and guidance. We demonstrate awareness and care for the environment and resources. Materials are always re-used and/or recycled wherever feasible. Cleaning products are natural and eco-friendly; nappies are biodegradable (made without bleach or chlorines); the creams and pastes we provide are organic or made from natural, safe constituents. We have researched and implemented our own, child-friendly policies such as ‘Low-Plastics’ (for children’s equipment and toys) ‘No Microwaves’ (for any children’s foods). All of our policies and procedures are born out of our strong commitment to offer a difference in our childcare, and are constantly reviewed, researched and improved.

Why are we different?

Our parents and children say they love many things about Shepperton.

“..an environment which nurtures growth and learning and recognises individuality and cherishes the child.” (Tasch and Etienne)


“We can’t even begin to tell you how happy we have been with the care and support that you have all given Eva since she joined you. She has grown in confidence and comes home after every session having learnt new things. She is so happy to walk into nursery at the start of the day and recently hasn’t wanted to leave when I’ve been to pick her up.

Tainey is amazing as Eva’s key worker and cares for her so well. She has take. The time to help Eva and care for her, making Eva’s sessions even more fun. She know what Eva enjoys and helps her develop her skills. We have been so pleased with her.”


“I find the Shepperton Organic Day nursery a lovely warm environment.  Both my boys have attended and I have seen them grow in confidence.  Also they have a fantastic chef, the smells of cooking is lovely.  My children have both been happy there and I would recommend this nursery to my friends.  Lovely, friendly, kind staff. Thank you”


Our committed staff and the learning purpose-built facilities which include the under-floor heating, anti-allergy floor finishes and state-of-the-art equipment.  Our organic food, which is made fresh on our premises every day.  And our replacement of plastics with a beautiful and inspiring range of wooden toys and equipment.  Together they make an ideal learning environment.